Following My Journey

Hey Everyone ….
   Go Grab a snickers, it’s going to be a while 🙂 lol !!
   Sorry about the delay on the blogs, but be sure to RSS to them, because I plan to blog as often as I can !! I am new at it …. so here I go …
   Things are dandy here in sandy Florida! As some know, some don’t … we just moved to Sarasota Florida a few months ago. Don’t miss the cold for nothing *even though we haven’t had a winter here yet … * but I gotta tell ya it’s been raining here they past 3 days, so I feel a little ripped … lol … but anyway …..
   Came down here about 2 and half months ago not knowing what to expect if anything, all my expectations were for nothing. Because I am not doing at ALL what I thought I would be doing when I got here. I thought I would be one of those guys that you see painting pictures on the beach in his flip-flops and a REAL good tan … 🙂  Well that didn’t exactly happen, Instead I have been slightly “DISCOVERED” … just by chance or maybe my higher power doing for me what I can’t do for myself, I had the fortune to run into a very well known and respected art instructor. She was nice enough to take me and my wife under her wing and give us 4 years worth of information in about a 2 week span. WOW, and I THANK YOU ( you know who you are ) To this point I’ve pretty much put all of her suggestions into action which lead to even more opportunities. Been worried if anything would happen art wise before I got here, but NOW I am VERY excited to know I made the right choice by coming down to florida!
   Now if you ask me if I am busy, I would have to say VERY busy ….. I am lined up to teach 5 different classes at 2 different art centers, including workshops presented by “yours truley” as well it sounds like I will be teaching after school classes to kids that want to learn more about the arts as well. I will be posting all info on my facebook page on that, plus here on my website too!
   Let’s not forget that I have been invited to display artwork at 2 different venues (Venice Art Center – and (ArtCenter Manatee – ) already and there is this little thing that keeps happening and that is my artwork keeps getting used for the promotional flyers at an ArtCenter Manatee  How cool !!  Jess keeps lining up commission work and keeping me extremely busy ( by the way I haven’t made any money yet ) lol … !!!    I have found the best place in Florida to get Art Supplies

   Thanks for reading … I tried to get everything in … but there is so much that has happened within the last 2 months, And you don’t want to be here all night reading and I don’t want to be here all night typing … 🙂

Soooo Come back and Follow My Journey !!

Turning your vision into a Lasting Memory !!
Joseph Palotas
Arts in Wonderland

One thought on “Following My Journey


    Patricia said:
    Nice to get a little ‘inside’ information from you Joe. Thanks for sharing. I’ll be watching for your next post. Best of luck to you and Jess.

    Thursday, August 26th
    delawer said:
    amazing blog,, and amazing style.. good luck my friend

    Thursday, August 26th
    Karen Penrith said:
    I like your style of writing, in this post you have managed to convey an image of sun being happy creative and of appreciating the life experiences that come along the journey, I will be following your blogs with interest Joseph

    Thursday, August 26th
    Verlie said:
    Fantastic Joe!!! While I have been ‘sitting here’ in my new location nearly 6 years…i so appreciate that your move has brought you even more than you dreamed of! Bravo my fellow artist and I wish you all the best! I will be following your blog!!!

    Thursday, August 26th
    Heather Slaughter said:
    Hey Joe, thanks so much for sharing your story of great and mighty abundance! There IS a “Higher Power” God, who delights in making our wildest dreams come true! You story inspires me to exspect good things to happen when you press toward the mark. I shall ferverantly pray for your wonderous adventures and encourage you to get to know Father and His Son Jesus Christ. When it’s done the sky is limitless! God Bless You!

    Thursday, August 26th
    Ann Freund said:
    Great blog, and marvelous work, Joseph! You have accomplished quite a bit in a very short period of time! Congratulations to you! I know your family is very proud of you, too. Keep up the wonderful art work!

    Thursday, August 26th
    Christine McArdle said:
    Well Joesph, I was very interested to hear how you followed your intuition to go to sunny (rainy) Florida lol!…I think following your intition is a huge part of being discovered since I believe that our essence really holds the big picture and can guide us from this kudos to you for listening and having the courage to follow through…you deserve all the good oportunities coming your way and you will undoubtably be very successful in art business.

    Thursday, August 26th
    Sylvia Uridil – cosmic-stream said:
    Hi Joseph, I’m delighted to find your blog. It’s funny and very interesting to read about your life – knowing you as a wonderful artist. And – yes, we are getting a hand from “the Big Spirit” now and then. I will follow happily the news also in your more private life – even you have the more easy way: my blog – if I want it be understood also from friends outside of Germany I have to translate it all . . . lol
    Beautiful done, have a wonderful weekend, Sylvia

    Friday, August 27th
    Marc said:
    Nice work! Very interesting blog! I’ll be back!

    Friday, August 27th
    Joseph Palotas said:

    Hello everyone,

    I wanted to thank you all for your wonderful comments and the comments coming in still !! It’s so nice to see that all you like my blog enough to leave comments !! I really appreciate it, and it inspires me to write more !! So Thank you so very much !!

    Thank you Patricia, it’s nice to share a piece of me with my followers … I figured they all deserve to know the personal side 🙂

    Thank you Delaware … I appreciate it!

    Thank you karen for your kind words, and I always look forward to you comments …

    Thank you Verlie … I ALWAYS look forward to your comments and your beautiful art work !!

    Heather, your message is beautiful! Thank you for your wonderful words …. I appreciate it!!! God Bless you !!!

    Ann … yes I have in just a short amount of time .. it’s amazing, the amount of things that have happened to me and my family! I still believe that everything happens for a reason !! And my reasons are unknown .. but I gotta tell you, I am loving every minute of it !!

    Christine, thank you so much. I have really enjoyed chatting with you on fb as well, so happy that I help inspire so many! That inspires me in return!
    I do believe that following my intuition is a huge part of being discovered as well! Thank you for following my blogs and following me!

    Sylvia, thank you !! Glad you like my sense of humor too !! lol !! It’s nice to be a pretty laid back kinda person …. 🙂 But I do take my business with all seriousness!! But gotta have fun too! Thanks again and I hope that you have a beautiful weekend as well!!

    Thank you Marc !! Would love to have you back !!

    Thank you ALL sooo much !! Hope your weekend is full of joy!

    Joseph Palotas

    Friday, August 27th
    james harper said:
    Very nice blog- so happy that you are having wonderful things happen with your new location. Your writing exudes the positivity occurring. Very enjoyable read. All the best. James

    Saturday, August 28th
    Joseph Palotas said:
    Thank you so much James !! So happy that you along with many others have enjoyed my blog !! It’s inspires me to write more and to create more! Hope you RSS’S my blog !! Thank you so Much !!

    Joseph Palotas

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