My New Upcoming Art Classes … I am teaching !!

Hey Joseph Palotas Blog Followers 🙂
You probably won’t need a Snickers for this one … lol !!   I wanted to write and let you and everyone know about the Art classes I will be teaching starting NEXT week!!
If you are interested in receiving emails or messages about my classes or workshops coming up !!  Please send me your email address or mailing address to and I will be sure to keep you updated!   PLUS you can always keep track on my website too!!
I am so excited to be teaching at ArtCenter Manatee in Bradenton, Florida

Art Classes

Art Classes

…… and At Venice Art Center in Venice, Florida …..

Venice Art Center Art Classes

Venice Art Center Art Classes

I will be teaching drawing classes and painting in oils, portraits in expressionism and Pop Art!!  I am so very excited, yeah can you tell !!    This will be my first year teaching in such a structured environment, and I know many many more to come!    Not only will I enjoy teaching, but I will enjoy the meeting of all the new people, new artist’s new and advanced!   And I am sure, my students WILL enjoy my classes and come back for the next ones,  and hey I’m sure they’ll teach me something too!!   It’s a whole new world for me, and I am loving every single minute of it!
I also have other classes and workshops, Shows, children’s after school classes, that  I will also be teaching in Venice and in Bradenton, and others cities  … MORE info coming on those soon too!!
Soooo if your in the Florida Area, and/or know of friends/family that want to come and learn the way I create My Art ….   pass the info to them!  Every Artist needs as much exposure as they can get!
Ok … so maybe you did need a snickers 🙂   Thanks for reading and don’t forget to comment on my blogs … That keeps me inspired to write more, and more and more 🙂
I will try to post pictures from my classes …..  so until then !!   Have a wonderful night and thank you once again for taking time out of your life to read my blogs!!



One thought on “My New Upcoming Art Classes … I am teaching !!

  1. Comments transferred From OLD Blog:
    brandy wittmer said:
    Hey! This sounds like fun! I wish I lived closer Id sooooo be there! Good luck!!

    Friday, September 10th
    Heather said:
    Wish I could make it. Didn’t tell you yet, but painting has been on my mind. And I know I would do well, it’s in my blood from dad. I will pray for your nights for the sleep to be sweet, it looks like you need it. Take care of yourself so the world can continue to enjoy you. Sending my blessings, Heather

    Friday, September 10th
    Christine McArdle said:
    Great Blog..I can tell you will do have the passion and patience to be a inspiring teacher of Art. I consider it an honor to serve in this role, shaping and guiding the creativity of others, it leaves an indelible mark on people…so enjoy and let your good positive vibes ripple into the worlds of others!

    Friday, September 10th
    Ed Harris said:
    I wish I was in Florida so I could take a class from you, hope all goes well.

    Friday, September 10th
    Hope said:
    Joe your work is AMAZING and so glad you are able to share your talent. Best of luck and God bless!!

    Friday, September 10th
    caro said:
    you’re an inspiration to me Joseph. you truly are… my dream is to be able to make a living only through my art. just like you. your ideas are fantastic. you’re a blessing

    Friday, September 10th
    @Peter.bkk said:
    We like Art very much.
    Special Buddha Sculptures and Oil Paintings.
    End of the year we have a Grand open of our own “ART GALLERY”

    Good luck

    Friday, September 10th
    George Zelznak said:
    Joe is one heck of an artist i would walk to his classes from here and im far north of florida!!!!! Tf you can GO learn life is too short not to learn !!!!

    Friday, September 10th
    Joseph Palotas said:
    WOW …… WOW that was super quick !! So many comments, so quick .. thank you sooo much !!! I really appreciate everyones support so very much !!

    Each and every single one of your messages, mean alot to me !!

    Have a wonderful weekend !!

    Joseph Palotas

    Friday, September 10th

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