For Artists and Photographers, Promote and Sell Your Art !!

Hey Everyone!! 

I just got word that Fine Art America is doing a cool Affiliate Program for its Artists!!   So I thought I would bring it to everyone’s attention!!  For you and I !!   Here’s the way it works … go to this link  and sign up for an account – FREE TRIAL and then it’s only $30.00 a YEAR after that, and it’s ONE of the top places to display your work, and SELL your work!!  It’s been working for me, and I am still new at FAA …..   everyone around the world can see and comment and buy your art work and they take care of everything from printing it to shipping it!!  It’s really really cool … I don’t ever promote something that I don’t think isn’t cool or worth your time and effort! 

And in return you can start to promote your Affiliate Link and start to earn from FAA just on that,  on top of print sales!!  How cool huh!!  Tooooo cool if you ask me. 

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