Demo @ ArtCenter Manatee – sArtee Event ….

Hey Everyone,

I am going to get into the hang of these blogs!!   I wanted to share with you my experience today at my demo at ArtCenter Manatee … A Festival sArtee Event!!   

As most of you know, I am new to the florida area, we have been here going on 4 months and I tell ya, WHAT FUN it’s been so far!   I have been starting to get involved in a lot of cool events!!   I was thinking today, we couldn’t have picked a better area to live in for the Arts Fact of it!!    And I want to start sharing these events and my thoughts after the events, so you my fans and friends can be completely involved in what I am doing!!  Because I want to share my journey with everyone ……   this is a dream come true for me!!

You can always keep track of what event is next by bookmarking my website page – this is where I will post updated flyers and directions to my events.  Plus as always, keep track on my Facebook page  AND you will always find pictures and flyers of my events on my Facebook Events Album page!/album.php?aid=10141&id=100000658715832   …..

So here we go …

Today was a lot of fun.  I had the opportunity to demonstrate expressionism oil painting in front of a captive audience.  I painted a Pink Flamingo, mainly for Breast Cancer Awareness Month!!When I first got there, I took a look around, watched a couple minutes of the artist doing a demo before me and took notes of a couple of things that I wanted to do a little bit differently.  Such as PLAY some music 🙂  For me music helps with my comfort level, you know so you don’t get that uncomfortable silence.   This is only my second demo in florida.  But my 1st one here where I talked about the steps and stages that I was doing as I was painting.  It felt kinda like a mini workshop.   When I first started my painting there was only a handful of people in the room and when I took notice about 10 mins into it, it was a complete full house!!  WOW!!  The STRESS … seemed to set in a little, but it faded quickly, I was surprised.  I noticed that I was more confident about what I was doing and how to express it vocally to a crowd of different backgrounds.  It was fun being interactive with folks in the group.  As they shared some of their opinions of what they thought would work, and found quickly that their confidence grew as others agreed with them.   This played into what I was trying to do, by showing others that they to can be succesful in painting as well.   At the end of the demo there was a nice round of applause and a nice feeling of SUCCESS …..  I can’t wait to do my next one!

Here are some wonderful pictures of the demo …..  AND soon I will upload a video onto our NEW YOUTUBE account – Go and subscribe there so you will be first to receive updates on my videos ….  — ALSO I did not get finished with it at the demo –  I only had 1 hour to paint, so I am working on it here at home, and will post the finished product on facebook and my website!!


6 thoughts on “Demo @ ArtCenter Manatee – sArtee Event ….

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  2. Your concept for teaching is great. Make it fun. Music does wonders to lighten spirits and put new artists at ease – at least more at ease. I volunteer teaching oil painting at the Senior Center here. We have a grand time. We keep it light, laugh a lot, and learn a lot. So far they can’t agree on the kind of music. lol Joseph – you are so talented and it’s great to see your dreams come true. Keep it up and Congratulations. Many thanks for your inspiration and sense of humor. 😀 The old broad

  3. Thank you so much Alanna (aka The old broad 🙂 ) ….. Music really helped A lot in my opinion, and it’s nice to see that others agree !!! Thats cool that you donate your time teaching at the Senior Center! It feels good doing that doesn’t it!! I keep it light and a lot of fun too!! I have to have fun with what I do!!

    It’s really nice to see my dreams coming true!! I am loving every single min of it!!

    Ok, back to teaching!!


  4. Joseph I think you are very brave…I liked hearing how you handle the pressure of painting in public and how you overcame it. You are reaping the rewards of pushing your own boundaries and setting a good example for the rest of us…thanks for sharing. Christine.

  5. Christine !!

    Thank you so much … that’s why I thought I would share these types of things !! Ya know, I would like everyone to follow my journey, because we all as artists have feelings and emotions, and shouldn’t be afraid to hide them, or share with the world!! Thank you so much for reading and most of all responding to my blog!!


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