New Work: i’m lovin it : Food Contemporary Modern Art

"i'm lovin it"♥Details:
Title: i’m lovin it
Medium : Oils on Canvas
Year: 2010
Frame: No Need For Framed, Sides Gallery Wrapped
Certificate of Authenticity: Yes
Artist’s Signature: Yes
Size: 12×24


The Story:

What made me paint "i'm lovin it" ?    The concept for this painting came about when laying in bed with my wife discussing ideas for a submission into an Art Exhibit titled "Uncommon Threads".   The idea was to show something that everybody had in common, but wasn't the first thing, that you thought of.  So my grand idea was The Golden Arches.  I watched a documentary as of late, exposing the fact, that there was a "McDonald's" in almost every country across the world, but I didn't want to just paint a Trademark Logo .... that might get me into some trouble.   So I thought the 2nd best thing was the SUPERSIZE Large Fry from "McDonald's".   So after a couple of weeks of fiddling with the idea, I went out and bought the largest Fry McDonald's had to offer and put it up into a position where I would be looking up at it.  I thought this would add to the effect of a larger than life ICON in the Food Industry.  I wanted to mix the concept of Modern Art with an Old Fashion feel of loose impressionism/expressionism Art, all in Black and White.   This I thought would leave YOU, the viewer, thee freedom to decide on what you were viewing.  So far everybody has recognized the painting as a Large fry from ... McDonald's ......

WHAT DO YOU SEE ????????

Enjoy, because there are fewer calories in my painting than there is in the real thing 🙂  lol ……..

Painting is For Sale on Etsy:  Holiday SALE :  50% off : and Giclee Prints are available on FAA:

24 thoughts on “New Work: i’m lovin it : Food Contemporary Modern Art

  1. This certainly IS a great idea – something in common. I am enjoying reading your comment above. Yes, I also recognized this as large fries, from a popular fast food franchise, and thought – mmmmm. You know they have the best french fries around! What just hit me, was the fact that they did not make the french fries themselves any larger(idea?), but just included more in the package. Anyway, this is such a grand idea! I hope you can remain under the radar, though! lol

  2. Thank you very much !! Pleased you enjoyed this so much .. AND I SUPER enjoy your comment!! Yeah … radar … WELL, there isn’t any logo on it, so, I THINK, I am safe !!! Yeah, and I tell you, I didn’t even GET a FULL box of Fries, I had to stuff the bottom of the box, in order to get my fries to hang out, such as they are ….. 🙂 Thank you so much once again!


  3. This really looks great, Joseph! I love the design, especially the turquoise color, my favorite! I like your “Etsy Gift” box above, it is so creative. Then there is your “Facebook Badge” showing your art work, your “Arts In Wonderland” area for displaying your art, your “Current Post’s” area, the “RSS” for your “Etsy Shop,” your “Videos” area on “VodPod,” the “Promote and Sell Your Art!! artists websites”, and the “Art Poll.” Hmmmm, choices here in the “What Style of ART is your favorite!?” with “Voting,” Viewing Results,” “Share This,” and something new called “”
    After you vote, the “Results” are shown, “Comments” may be added, A “Return to Poll” has a link, The “Poll” may be “Shared,” and you are invited to “Create Your Own Poll!”

    Then there is the “Tweet” area, “Blog Stats,” “Category Cloud” <- nice, "Monthly Archives," and "Create YOUR Badge" for Facebook. It looks like you have everything, unless there is something new that has been missed. Someone is always creating some new idea. Looks great, Joseph!

  4. Joseph, do you have any ketchup for your fries? Fries and ketchup go together for that great taste! They sure look good enough to eat!

  5. WOW, thank you ANN … thank you so much for noticing everything about my blog, it’s been some work, and I am sure there will be more that I need to do, but I wanted to get it as interactive as possible for all of my blog followers, new and old!

    I do wish it was easier for people to “like” my blog, as you can tell there aren’t any likes, or even not many posting the 1-5 stars, don’t understand that part, but I am sure that will come …. I noticed if I wasn’t logged in under “wordpress” it made it impossible to click those …

    I did make sure that I joined a blog that you didn’t have to register to leave a comment …. at least when I started it was that way, I don’t know for sure if it is now or not?!?!

    Thanks again for noticing everything, I really appreciate that!

    Carol, thank you for reading and posting in my blog, I really appreciate it !! Not only is my blog named that, but I’ve carried Arts in Wonderland as my business/company name for almost a year now …. … it’s what i’ve been using since I’ve turned this into a business, of course I don’t mind if you use that name … that’s not the name of my Company, lol !! Thanks for wondering though, appreciate it !!

  6. The Name says it all “I’m loving it” the mark making with movement of the paint and the symbolism of the a large fries in contemporary setting is very playful and Warholic, love it 🙂

  7. Thank you Jacob !! I appreciate the comment and the awesome words!! To happy you love it too!! I thought the setting would really set it off!! Thanks for reading and commenting !!

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  9. Hello there !!

    Thank you so much !! To changed your theme, you could go to widgets and select a theme, I do have to tell you though, once you change it, EVERYTHING on your page has to be done over again, I learned that the hard way 🙂

    Thanks so much and I hope to see you back on my blog !!!

    Chat soon,


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