Happy New Year 2011

WOW, it’s hard to believe that 2010 is just about over …. and 2011 will be here in just a few wonderful hours!!    I have had an AMaZIng Year … it’s hard to even put into words.  2010 was my first year of turning my dream into a reality!  My dreams are being chased, and it seems as if I am catching up with them. So I just continue to dream, bigger and better!   I do know one thing for a fact, if it wasn’t for each and every-single one of YOU, it wouldn’t be possible!   So Thank you for supporting My Art and My dreams ……..  and I already have some Major surprises coming up in the New Year, and many more to come!   I hope that you have the Best 2011 EVER !!!


Thank You ALL for your Support …. !!!!  Happy New Year …  Hope 2011 brings you the best YET!!!!!!


Turning your Vision into a Lasting Memory!

Joseph Palotas

Arts In Wonderland – Original Art By Joe Palotas


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year 2011

  1. It’s great to hear someone having a dream come true! I published my first two books in 2010 and that was my dream. Happy New Year 2011!

  2. Thank you so much !!!! That is awesome, congrats to you! It’s an amazing feeling I am sure. If you ever would be interested in using me as an Illustrator in your books ….. let me know!

    Joseph Palotas

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