Help Me Name this Painting – And WIN a FREE Print!

Contest ENDS January 29th, 2011

Hey Everyone!!

It’s here again, this went over so well last time and was LOADS of Fun for everyone.   So I am having a tough time naming my NEW Painting, it’s an Expressionism Tiger done in Oils on a 16×20 Canvas ……  So, this is where I need your HELP!!   YEAH!!     When I paint, I really like to leave the Expression of the painting up to the viewer …. that’s why I LOVE expressionism.

By Helping you will be entering to win a FREE Art Print from MY Etsy Shop, any print of your Choice….  OR 20% off of THIS Original Painting!

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I have a FEW SIMPLE RULES that you DO have to FOLLOW in order to be entered!

Rules are As FOLLOWS:

  1. Leave your Title Choose in the Comments Section HERE on the BLOG:
  2. Subscribe to my Blog. (If you are already Subscribed (thank you!) Just be sure to hit the like button on the blog)
  3. THAT is it .. Super Simple huh?

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NAME this Painting




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Contest ENDS January 29th, 2011

Thank you for your participation and feedback!!   Have fun!

Joseph Palotas

Fine Artist

19 thoughts on “Help Me Name this Painting – And WIN a FREE Print!

  1. Your art is AMAZING! I would name this piece “Exotic Serenity” or “Serene Exotikos (Greek for exotic)” — because there such a peacefulness to this beautiful creature. He looks like he’s just trying to figure everything out about his life lol.

  2. “Sweet and Tender” It looks like she is admiring her mother and being very peaceful.

  3. I would name the painting “SELVAGGIO” – it’s Italian for WILD…. (savage) – prounounced “Sell VAH’ Joe” (accent on the VAH)
    It’s quite captivating in it’s intensity – Thanks for bringing it to life.

  4. I think Nietzsche and I would name it “The Maenad,” after the mythical female followers of Bacchus (Dionysus) who ritualistically hunted down animals and humans, devouring their raw flesh.

  5. I think ” Ghost of the Jungle ” suits this painting well. Impressionism is awesome! the tiger sorta dissappears into the painting…

  6. WOW, what amazing feedback!!

    Thank you ALL for your awesome “Titles”
    I really appreciate it. I have choosen a winner, even though it was really hard to. I am working on posting the blog of the winner, here in just a few!

    Thanks again so much !!

    Joseph Palotas

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