The Latest News …. We are MOVING TO Virginia!

The Latest News .... We are MOVING TO Virginia!

That means that I will be bringing my artistic talents to Virginia.   We are moving to the city of Salem, Va. I will be teaching Art classes for adults and children in Roanoke and Salem at the Parks and Rec Centers as well as offering Homeschool Art Lessons to all school aged children from k-12.  I will be the kids art judge at the Salem Fair 2013 too!

More info to COME! Stay tuned! Click Photo to join my Virginia Newsletters to be updated about the classes, location, events and more!

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4 thoughts on “The Latest News …. We are MOVING TO Virginia!

  1. I’d leave a name for the painting, but it didn’t make the site. 😦 I’m so happy for you and your family on your move to Virginia. You’ll be a great success as you have been in the past. Enjoy your new experiences, meeting people and your new home. 😀 The old broad.

  2. Thank you very much @Alanna! That was a very old post, name the painting. 🙂 I will have more as usual. We are very excited about the move too. I feel that Virginia is going to be a great fit for myself and my family! I’ve already got classes set up to teach too, super excited!

  3. In your spare time (lol), would you kindly let me know how you get private students? I teach adult classes at the cultural center, but would also like to teach at home – older kids/adults. Thanks. Much happiness and success to you and yours. 😀 The old broad.

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