We made it to Virginia!

We made it to Virginia!

Well as you all know, we were heading to VA and we made it late last month {June} and we are loving every moment.

We’ve really been settling in very well. We’ve made new friends, done a lot of family fun activities such as mountain climbing, baseball game going, friday fun nights with different community activities, attended the Salem Fair and judged the student artshow and so much more!! As we are a very busy and happy family! We have been discovering Salem and Roanoke the best to our abilities. The kids have already had summer camps and everything! So as you can tell, it’s been a busy summer already around here.

I also have my artwork for sale in 2 new local locations!!  I will be posting those very soon too.

We also have been working very hard finding a location to put our artcenter into. It’s going to be small in the beginning, however, it’s going to deliver a large impact! We are very excited about this Journey.

There will be Homeschool Art Lessons, Adult lessons, Private Lessons, After school lessons and everything in between!! Keep up to date by signing up for our newsletters. http://artsinwonderland.us2.list-manage1.com/subscribe?u=c79c2410222a91970dc1a3905&id=2fbb1a0a76

Thank you all for being a part of our Journey! We feel we are very blessed. With our new move to Salem, Va we feel like we are home.

Joe Palotas

2 thoughts on “We made it to Virginia!

  1. anxious to know more about your classes for homeschoolers when you get settled, welcome!



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