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As some as you KNOW …. some don’t … My first book is being released (April 1st, 2011) that I illustrated.  This is a pretty big deal to me and my career as a professional artist.   So to celebrate, I am hosting a giveaway of a FREE book!    If you can’t wait, or you know that your going to want more than 1 Copy, you can order yours NOW.   I am taking Pre-Orders NOW, and will be placing a HUGE order by the end of the week …..   So please get your orders IN ASAP – Click here to go to the listing. I appreciate any and ALL support from my followers.   I am very sure you’re going to love this beautifully written book and of course it’s beautifully illustrated by Me!

I enjoyed taking my time on each and every single page.  There are many parts of the book that I dedicated to my family.   The boy in the book “Aidan” is drawn after our son, the # on the Pet Store is our # address ….  things like that all through out the book.  Make the book really personal, and a definite keep sake!

I am very pleased to announce that I’ve been asked to illustrate 2 more books with this author, and also have been asked, and excepted the position to illustrate 5 more books (a series) for another author in a different company!   That is very exciting.

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CONTEST ENDS Sunday March 13th, 2011

Winner will be randomly drawn!

Here is a little bit about the book it’s self …..



This is YOUR ONLY CHANCE to receive a personalized signed copy of the exciting Aidan and the Anteater Children’s book. I the illustrator have decided to offer the first 100 Pre-Order Copies to be signed and include a personal message to you or your loved one on the inside front cover. This is a one time offering at this introduction price.

The book is an excellent addition to any child’s book collection. A story unlike any other. Image making that illustrious purchase of the pet you always wanted only to find out it was much more than you bargained for.

With a crazy twist that only Joseph Palotas could bring to life will this story bring laughs and joy for years to come.

Don’t miss out on adding this special story to the children in your life.

Just the Facts m’am
-27 Exciting pages.
-Bilingual English and Spanish Children’s Book.
-Here you will see ONLY the cover, and a few of the pages.
-You are buying Directly from the Artist.
-Will Personalize, leave info in the notes section.
-Save on shipping, order more than 1.
-Release date April 1st, to you date 2nd week of April.

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Joseph Palotas

Awe, the life of a working artist!! Ramblings …

Yep, the title says it all!    I am really enjoying my job these days.   I guess you could say I hold a position at the circus, that is with all of the juggling I’ve been doing 🙂    …. Ok, ice has been broken, time for me to tell you what’s been going on.

I’ve been so inspired on this new children’s book that I was asked to illustrate, that I’ve been getting all of my other work done on time, so I can spend some good time on doing/illustrating a page a night.   I’ve got plenty of time to finish the book, but I am just having so much dog gone fun, that it’s hard to stop.   “See some in the works pictures on my Facebook Page”  “Sign up for my Newsletter’s to be one of the 1st’s to Know about the release”

Finally have completed my 5 Elements painting, boy that was a beautiful chore and Turned out beautiful.   It just took much longer than I thought it would, you win some you lose some.  Final pictures coming soon on FB!

The “Charmed Heart” idea, that the Art Center Manatee wants me to do for my workshop has done pretty good with “online” purchases – so thank you for your support on this …. we will see if anyone show’s up for my workshop … lol 🙂     And there is still time for your to get your Custom “Charmed Heart” – Click here

I have also been enjoying the continues custom commission from everything from the “Charmed Heart” to Family Drawings to Pets to very creative out of the box ideas ……  Thank you ALL for your Support!

Classes have been a ton of fun!!   Really enjoy teaching my drawing classes.  I think next semester I am going to only teach drawing classes … what do you think? And keep my painting styles to myself 🙂   Makes it a little bit easier to balance my time with my commission paintings this way. (Want to Join My Classes, see Lists here)

I’ve got another show coming up in February that I am actually prepared for, supposed to have 10 “Original” Pieces of Art, low and behold I do, I didn’t think I would.  I am not planning on selling anything, but it’s a really neat venue and it’s really cool that I was invited to participate.  It was one of the first show’s I heard about when I joined the artcenter in June of last year, and asked to be put onto the list!   (Click here to see Events)

I am involved in my first paint around, february 12th, that’s pretty cool!   Because I get to paint with 5 other very talented artists, that I respect and look up to, so keep your fingers crossed, hopefully I don’t ruin their paintings … lol … (( Want to Come Watch – Click here for Event Schedule)

Other than that I entered another exhibit, that I didn’t win anything on, so I took that personality, BUT I got over it!

I am really excited to see how my wife is really blooming in her new work, she is an extremely brilliant and lovely lady that I adore, and she keeps me inspired daily.(Click to see her website)

I am such a lucky guy to have a whole bunch of stuff to blog about 🙂   Maybe I should do it more often, BUT I’ve been so busy … I will post more often on my blog, that’s why I have it.  Even if I am just keeping it real, like this blog ….. you like that don’t you??

So that’s what’s up in a nut shell ….  (Joke via Dave Letterman – Hey I heard it was so cold in New York that the squirrels had to put salt on their nuts …. LMAO) sorry had to do it 🙂

Good Night World … Thank you for following my Journey …..

Joseph Palotas

Fine Artist