Holiday Traditions ….

Well it’s that time of year for us to breaking out the old holiday traditions …. this year is the beginning of some new holiday traditions in our home.  One is that we are trading in the sledding down at the levee/river for walks on St Armand’s Circle – Florida …. we didn’t have an opportunity to get all bundled up and go sledding in the REAL snow so we made due with the Bradenton Holiday festival (where they had a line for you to wait in, to sled down a little snow hill – very cool) !     Santa is always a big tradition as well as Christmas lights, cookies and milk!!

Christmas is our favorite time of year, the cheer, the lights, the happiness, the music, the feelings ….. it’s a beautiful time of year !!

Our daughter brought home a paper today (kindergarten) and here's what it read:
A "Sense" Sational Christmas
Christmas looks like shimmering lights on the Christmas tree.
Christmas feels like Santa's beard.
Christmas smells like gingerbread cookies
Christmas tastes like candy canes.
Christmas sounds like Rudolph's bell.
Just thought this was beautiful, so simple, and so true!

I am wanting to hear some of your Holiday traditions.   Would they be much like mine as to see the family smiling and the kids jumping for joy on Christmas morning?


Merry Christmas



A few of our traditions are but definitely not limited to (plus many more are being formed with our new move to Florida, and NOW being surrounded by our family)
  • We ALWAYS try to find the “Real” Santa ….. non of those Santa’s helpers 🙂
  • Baking and Leaving cookies for Santa …..
  • Opening New Pj’s on Christmas Eve ….
  • Video Taping the Night before Christmas by the Tree about the year and what we want for Christmas ….
  • NEW this Year – We’ve hung a stocking outside of our door, and the elves have been leaving us gifts!

  • Every Friday is Family FUN night in our home, so for the entire month of Dec, we try to find Holiday/Christmas things to do! 
  • We all Wear Santa and/or Elf hats during the month of December!
  • We wrap our gifts in different wrapping paper than the big man, he always brings his the “Special Paper” with special tags!

    We’ve also started some business holiday traditions – we sent out gift cards to some, and Christmas cards to a lot of clients this year!



    Merry Christmas


    And there are so many more ….. BUT I want to hear about yours now !!   I love to share with others and hear from others !!   So please share with me, and share with your friends, so they can share too!!    We just love the holidays … and we wish you the most Merry Christmas EVER this 2010 Year … Your more than welcome to share pictures and videos too!


The Palotas Family


New Work: i’m lovin it : Food Contemporary Modern Art

"i'm lovin it"♥Details:
Title: i’m lovin it
Medium : Oils on Canvas
Year: 2010
Frame: No Need For Framed, Sides Gallery Wrapped
Certificate of Authenticity: Yes
Artist’s Signature: Yes
Size: 12×24


The Story:

What made me paint "i'm lovin it" ?    The concept for this painting came about when laying in bed with my wife discussing ideas for a submission into an Art Exhibit titled "Uncommon Threads".   The idea was to show something that everybody had in common, but wasn't the first thing, that you thought of.  So my grand idea was The Golden Arches.  I watched a documentary as of late, exposing the fact, that there was a "McDonald's" in almost every country across the world, but I didn't want to just paint a Trademark Logo .... that might get me into some trouble.   So I thought the 2nd best thing was the SUPERSIZE Large Fry from "McDonald's".   So after a couple of weeks of fiddling with the idea, I went out and bought the largest Fry McDonald's had to offer and put it up into a position where I would be looking up at it.  I thought this would add to the effect of a larger than life ICON in the Food Industry.  I wanted to mix the concept of Modern Art with an Old Fashion feel of loose impressionism/expressionism Art, all in Black and White.   This I thought would leave YOU, the viewer, thee freedom to decide on what you were viewing.  So far everybody has recognized the painting as a Large fry from ... McDonald's ......

WHAT DO YOU SEE ????????

Enjoy, because there are fewer calories in my painting than there is in the real thing 🙂  lol ……..

Painting is For Sale on Etsy:  Holiday SALE :  50% off : and Giclee Prints are available on FAA: