Art Takes Miami – Contest Results are IN !!! Thank you ALL for your Votes !!

Art Takes Miami.

Hello Everyone, well it’s the moment that I and many of my followers have been waiting for !!!    The results are in for the Art Takes Miami Contest …..  and I am very Sad to say that I did not make any of the selections, But I am very happy for everyone that did!!

Here was my Portfolio there:

I only had 5 days to get as many votes as I could, to win the people’s choice award, MANY of the Artist’s had the entire month, so yeah they were ahead of me for sure in time!!    I had just found out about the contest, and I don’t do really any online contest’s …. but this one was BIG … very BIG !!!

BUT I have to tell you that getting over 900 votes in 5 days is AMAZING ….  to me at the very least 🙂   I can’t thank you ALL enough for your votes and your support!!!   It was a fun short ride …. and My Lesson has been learned …. ENTER at the Beginning of the contest, lol !!!!   I will be taking this contest on NEXT year too !!!

I do plan to attend the Art Miami Week the 1st week of December in Miami Florida … so if you’re attending, I shall see you there!!

Please take a moment and check out the winners of this years Art Takes Miami ….

I am very grateful for the votes, the comments, the shares, the posts, the emails, the EVERYTHING that you did for ME during this event !!!!    I know you ALL will be behind me again next year, or during the next BIG online Contest ……

Happy Thanksgiving !!!

Joseph Palotas